They traces it’s origins all the way back to timeless ancestral tribal african practices and take parts of the lifestyle of its people.

Shea butter (100% natural product derived from traditional medicine )has been used since ancient times in West Africa.
It helps to restore the welfare of the skin; taking into account its properties contribute to softening, moisturizing the skin , not to mention its slower decrease power to the appearance of wrinkles .

It’s primary objective is to re-establish your well being.
Essentially, it is designed to create equilibrium and harmony.
It will allow a flow of energy to invade the whole of your body.
It is invigorating and relaxing, all at once.

Massaging with a combination of whipped Shea and essential oils,
stimulates the natural elimination of some toxins and fatty deposits.

The African massage works on the muscular relaxation , this massage is powerful.
Above it’s general contribution to your well-being, they is also an excellent slimming aid.
African Massage is highly recommended for the fight against cellulite and deep seated muscular pains.

The massage we practice is never to be considered as erotic in any sense (faced with any suggestion or innuendo to the latter, the appointment will cease immediately, but the full fee will remain applicable and could be prosecuted)

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